We provide the following business support services:

Berkshire Axis offers consulting on placement of free funds for companies who want to invest in private sector or real estate. Our strategic role is to identify suitable businesses, portfolios and teams for acquisition and then to complete the transaction and the integration process. We focus upon businesses that fit our model and which allow us to achieve excellent returns on capital for our clients, in a managed framework.

Branding, very much a buzzword today, is often confused with "corporate identity" or "corporate image." They actually have very different meanings:

Corporate identity refers to a company's name, logo, tagline -- its visual expression or its "look."

Corporate branding is a business process -- one that is planned, strategically-focused and integrated throughout the organization.

We help teach our clients to construct and leverage their corporate brands to improve image, reputation and performance.

Branding establishes the direction, leadership, clarity of purpose, inspiration and energy for a company's most important asset, its corporate brand.

With superior insight into key brand dynamics, we build strategy development and evocative creative expressions that drives the most powerful corporate brands.

A product development strategy provides the framework to orient a company's development projects as well as its development process.

We help you build the strategy to take into account the company's capabilities, the competition's capabilities, market needs and opportunities, goals, and financial resources to create a clear vision of the your companies product or service.

We offer consulting in the areas of :

  • Strategic planning, mission definition
  • Management development
  • Tactical planning, direction and successful implementation
  • Internet business model development
  • Project management development
  • Operations, sales, marketing, information technology

Our Entrepreneurial Counseling Program is a customized program designed to guide our clients through the exploration and evaluation of entrepreneurial options.

Topics include:

  • The types of businesses/industries which might fit the client's interests, skills and needs.
  • How to evaluate choices - buying an existing business, or franchise, or starting one's own from scratch. Which is best.
  • Financing the business - should it be personal, family, venture capital, bank financing - and how to structure it.
  • Organizing the business - should it be a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership.
  • Designing a business and a marketing plan.
  • Staffing the business - who should be hired.
  • Client and operational tracking software.
  • Tax issues.

To arrange an initial meeting to explore how we can assist you with your project, contact us by e-mail at: contact@berkshireaxis.com

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